Image by Whispering Willow Photography

Image by Whispering Willow Photography

My name is Mick and I have a growing company of people in my life. It started with my husband, Mark, and then after some trouble starting a family, we had our daughter Evelyn

Then came a boy, Levi

And now we've welcomed two more - TWINS Carter and Beckett - who came on December 13, 2016. 

So suddenly and unexpectedly I am a mother of four, part of a family of six, and feeling so overwhelmed by the blessing of it all. 

Life is crazy and I'm running on minimal sleep, but I'm hoping this blog keeps me grounded a bit. I've always craved something that is mine. Where I can create and look back at the early years that "go by way too fast". 

It's also a way to share life with family that is far away. Most of our family is in Minnesota and scattered around the states. We are residents of Durham, NC, which you'll see a lot of on this blog. I grew up being close to my fourth cousins so it's weird to me that my kids won't have everyone close by. At least I can try to share a bit of who our family is through images and words.

You'll also get some reviews of products and books that make this whole parenting thing easier (according to me). I love sharing what has worked in our home and hearing what works for others. Since I don't have my family village close by, I figure I'll start one through this blog. I love exchanging comments and ideas, so please feel free! 

Finally, I hope this blog inspires adventure in our family. I know it will be enticing to stay in, especially with baby twins. But I want to get out there and DO, so maybe my love of documenting life will get me out the door.

Thanks for stopping by. 

Love, Mick


All photos on this site were taken by Mick Schulte unless otherwise credited.