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Road Trip Part 1: Cleveland


In my last post I mentioned how we took a family road trip up to Cleveland for a friend's wedding. Even though the 9 hour car ride could be considered torture for a person pregnant with twins, it was 1000% worth every minute of suffering. Mostly because we got to stay with one of our favorite people in the world, Kathy. She and her husband Bob opened up their guest home to us when we were first married, so we actually lived on their property for about six months while Mark played soccer for a team called the Cleveland City Stars. 

Mark and I have agreed that we will never again live in a space or location as magical as this one in our lives. It's in a little town called Chagrin Falls, which is the proverbial small town U.S.A. When I first found out we were moving to Cleveland right after we got married, honestly I was pretty bummed. I mean Mark played soccer in Uruguay, ICELAND, Africa and a bunch of fun U.S. cities before we got hitched (did I mention ICELAND??!!), but where do I end up?


After living in Chagrin Falls for a bit though and seeing the surrounding areas, I never wanted to leave. Cleveland, or at least parts of Cleveland, is and are absolutely stunning, and I got to see even more of its beauty on this trip. There's good reason why Lebron is so loyal to his hometown, believe me. 

The wedding showed off a scenic part of Akron, Ohio but because Levi decided to be SUPER vocal during the quiet parts of the wedding, I was off stuffing snacks in his face to keep him quiet (not taking pictures). Here are a few shots of the tractor though, which was his favorite spot and where we (the grandparents, me and Mark) spent most of our time entertaining him.  


There's the bride and groom with their photographers in a beautiful field of wildflowers. Talk about photographer envy!

As I said above, we got to spend most of the trip with our dear friend Kathy at her gorgeous home. This trip was bittersweet because it was our first time back since her husband passed away in a tragic car accident. It's hard to think about, let alone write about Bob and the sadness of his passing. He was a man of such devout faith in the Lord and he lived out his faith in a sincere and humble way. Honestly, it's impossible to put our admiration for him into words. I'll never forget spending time sitting with Bob and Kathy in their reading room, talking about life, and willing my brain to remember all of Bob's wise words.

We are so thankful for that summer we got to spend with them both. Their marriage was a sweet example of what a kind, loving, faith-filled union can be. It's something that influences the way we treat each other still to this day. 

Both Kathy and Bob are like treasures we hold in our hearts. And we look forward to more conversations with them together one day in heaven. 

Here are some pictures (that don't do it justice) of the outside of their beautiful home. 

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