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Grandma Cindy


She is HERE! And obviously super excited to get her picture taken. 

Actually she's been here for over a month now and Grandpa Jack and the pups (Maizie and Minnie) showed up last week. I am SO thrilled that my mom is here to be grandma and help out. The day she showed up was the day I was admitted to the hospital with a preterm labor scare. I'm beginning to feel like my hormones somehow sense that she is near because both Evy and Levi came within a day of my mom getting into town. 

Good thing these babies stayed put. It would have been way too early for all that. BUT she was there to help with the aftermath of that hospital stay. I was so tired and my energy level, even to do the simplest things, was in the dumps. What a God send, seriously. She stepped up, as she always does, and pitched in when and where I needed her most. 

I'm happy to report that my energy levels have improved and these babies feel pretty happy inside for now (at 32 weeks). But Grandma still plays a major role in helping me feel less overwhelmed about everything. She's pretty much awesome. 

And now the kids have grandpa Jack and their auntie-doggies here so life is good. We feel more and more ready for the Schulte twins to arrive.

As we wait for them to come, I wanted to document what we end up doing every afternoon since I can't do much...the adults plop our butts down in some fold out chairs while the kids play with the neighbors in the yard and on the street. We're at the very end of the road so not many cars come our way.

It is such a different experience raising children in a neighborhood rather than an apartment complex. I know many people either have to be in an apartment or choose a more urban lifestyle, but now that I'm living in a neighborhood packed with kids my kids' ages, I wouldn't have it any other way. Both Evy and Levi beg to go outside and cry when they have to come in. And that's exactly how I've always imagined it. 

The kiddos and their "auntie-doggies"...

Evy in her everyday casual wear...princess dress, fairy wings, and bike helmet...being a little Speedracer on her scooter.

She never wants to wear shoes while scooting so this happens a lot...

And Levi doing his typical Levi thing playing hoops...

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