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Preparing for FOUR

This is definitely my favorite bumper sticker. It's on the back of our neighbor's minivan which they purchased when they found out they'd be having twin boys. The mom said she fought it for so long, but when they went to test drive the grocery getter, she couldn't resist. They're just so spacious, versatile, and convenient. And who can resist the sliding doors?? A 3-year-old neighbor girl that we bring to school sometimes calls them the "magical doors!" And I completely agree, they are magical and necessary. Why would anyone choose to open a car door without a button?

Minivans are just plain common sense. 

We did some research and decided on a used 2012 Honda Odyssey. To break it in, we took it on that long car ride to Cleveland that I wrote about a while back. I wouldn't have survived in any other car and I'm not being dramatic about that. I love this minivan and as you can see below, the kids are pretty excited about it too. Levi always walks up to it proudly and says "Levi minivan" as if he owns it.  

Other than the minivan, we've had to make some other twin purchases. The biggest thing that saved us with our newborn Evy and Levi was an exercise bouncy ball. They could be screaming, squirming and seemingly inconsolable, but the second, and I mean second, we sat and bounced, utter silence. So, we knew we'd have to order another one for the boys.

Evy and Levi still have fun with these baby soothers, but in a different way now. The pictures below show some of the entertainment. Also pictured is Levi in a turkey hat that he made at school. He didn't take that thing off for three days straight. And Evy wears this dress with a tiara every day. Most mornings I'm greeted from a deep sleep with a vision of my daughter's back and this dress draped over her unzipped. She holds up her hair so it won't get caught in the zipper. Nothing needs to be said, I just know my job is to zip up her dress so we can get on with the day. One of our cousins calls it her "Laura Ingalls Wilder" dress. She always chooses it over anything else.

We're hoping this modest, prairie girl look continues throughout high school. 

Here's a glimpse of our twin nursery below. Honestly I haven't invested too much time in the room. With Evy and Levi and life in general, it hasn't been high on my priority list. But, thankfully Grandma Cindy is around to pay attention to things I can't so she put up these beautiful, custom paintings from Aunt Barbara. I love looking in there and seeing something that has been in other family nurseries before. 

Another way I'm preparing for four is by making sure to take some time out for my current "out of the belly" kiddos, especially Levi. I know I shouldn't, but I sometimes feel really guilty that he kind of gets the short end of the stick in this whole scenario. I mean Evy had me for two years without any competition, and the twins are going to get all of me whether I want them to or not. I feel like Levi will be the one left out a bit. So I've cherished some mornings with him when Evy is at preschool.

He is such a little man who loves to run and play. He also has a sweet side too and asks for "mama kisses" out of the blue. I will miss these mornings and I'm sure I'll cry a lot when those postpartum hormones kick in and I think back on the little amount of time we had together. But, I also know that he'll enjoy having two little brothers to wrestle around with, so I don't let myself get too down. 

Other than preparing for the big guys with purchases and Levi time, I've been trying to rest and enjoy this last great belly expansion. It is amazing what our bodies do and I feel so blessed to be able to carry these twins. I will never forget begging and pleading in my prayers for one, and now I'm preparing for four. I'm so thankful to God for this amazing gift and all the preparations that come with it. 

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