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This year Christmas was a blur. We did what we could to make it special for the older kids - cookie baking, Santa presents, and a birthday pie for Jesus (thank you neighbors for the pie!). It all felt a bit forced and last minute to me. I worked hard to give myself grace this year. I didn't want to fall into the holiday trap of expecting so much and then deflating when all didn't go just right. With week old twins, things were forgotten and traditions were put on hold. 

But with two little bundles of boy to hold onto, we didn't mind. It may have been slapped together like the gingerbread house Levi brought home from preschool, but it was our special Christmas for the special place we are in life. Who cares if the graham crackers are half eaten and most of the frosting is licked off? It's a perfectly imperfect Christmas, and I hope I can be happy with those throughout my time as a mom.

The kids were pretty excited about their gifts (thank you Grandmas and Grandpas for providing most of them!). Levi got a "motorcycle" and Evy got an Aurora dress (that's Sleeping Beauty for those who don't know their princesses). 

And of course we had a Christmas meltdown when Evy thought the big box with her princess bike included the big princess doll pictured on the package. (In parentheses it said "doll not included" - she didn't understand that, poor thing). I think it was a bit of sensory overload for Ev. We made the kids wait all morning while we built up anticipation for the gift opening. Mark's dad has a theory that "anticipation is 95% of an event". He used to make Mark and his sister wait for gifts until beds were made, breakfast was eaten and cleaned up, and he had a mid-morning nap. We didn't go as far as a nap but we did carry on this tradition.

Mark and I believe that giving our children opportunities to suffer collectively is a gift to last a lifetime. No one tells stories of the perfect moments. It's always the suffering that gets retold. If my kiddos ever read this, I hope they appreciate our good intentions in the delayed gratification (I'm sure that will take a while though!). 

Here's our birthday pie for Jesus. I just love Levi's blowing out candles face. He was too scared to blow out his candles for his birthday a few months ago. Look at him now! 

We hope you had your own imperfect Christmas and loved every moment. 


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