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Minnesota Family

Before I move on to the next chapter of our lives, I wanted to remember some special moments with family in Minnesota. We were there for three weeks and, as always, tried to fit in as many visits with loved ones as possible. It's always a whirlwind, and always worth it. From the cabin in Nevis, to Mark's parent's in Northfield, to Aunt Tammie's farm in Dayton, here are some images I don't want to forget.

Grandpa Richard taught Levi how to play "Cow". (You just drop the cards). And cousin Reggie showed Evy how to play some songs on the piano after Evy insisted that she already knew. I guess banging randomly on the keys is good enough for her. 

We visited cousin Lulu at her exhibit at the Uptown Art Fair in Minneapolis. Watch out for this girl...she is such a talented artist with very unique pieces like stained glass vintage violins. We commissioned her for one and I am so pumped to have it on the walls of our new house! 

The next big event was a family get-together of my mom's side at Tammie's farm. This couldn't have been more of a dreamland for my kiddos. Tractors, cows, cousins, and chocolate - basically heaven. I sure wish my kids could see more of these little ones that they shared giggles with, but I'm thankful for these moments when we all meet up. 

And then the goodbye. Grandpa Richard and Grandma ReJean dropped us off which made it less sad because we knew we'd see them in NC in just a couple days. Even still, my kids will always leave part of their hearts in Minnesota. Me too. 

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