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Children's Book: Rhoda's Rocks


While Mark and I were exploring the North Shore in Minnesota, I kept thinking about Rhoda's Rock Hunt, a book we read to Evy at my parent's cabin. The author is a native Minnesotan and the story she writes would make anyone nostalgic for the rocky shorelines of the great lakes. 

Rhoda goes on a camping trip with her aunt and uncle, and the only thing that keeps her going, despite the freezing bucket showers, are her rocks. 

It inspires adventure and a love of nature, plus an appreciation for something as simple as rocks. I absolutely love Rhoda and whenever we visit my parent's, I always try to read this book to Evy as much as possible. I hope she develops a love for the complex yet simple beauty of the outdoors. Now whenever we see rocks, she gets excited about their shape, size and color. For this, I can't thank Molly Beth Griffin enough. 

I was definitely feeling a special kinship with Rhoda while we hiked the rocky trails around Lake Superior. 

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