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Too Early to Tell...

Before we knew we were having twins, we thought we'd wait to find out what baby #3 would be. I waited with Levi (#2) and it was such an amazing experience having him come out and being completely surprised. I was 100% sure that I read the anatomy sonogram correctly and it was a girl. Turns out you have to go to school to know how to do that...who'd have thought? 

When we found out there are two inside, that was enough of a surprise for us, so we had a countdown going until they could tell us the genders. We went in at 15 weeks, right before our big trip to Minnesota, and asked if the sonographer could see what we were having. She warned us it was early, but after she took a peek, she sounded super confident. We walked out with a sealed envelope with the fate of our family in our hands. Or so we thought. 

We had some friends over the next night and asked if they would be a part of our "gender reveal". While we put the older kiddos to bed, our friends frosted the middle of a cake with the color(s) (pink or blue) and covered the outside with chocolate. We sat down to the frosted cake with huge butterflies in our bellies. I had no idea what to expect. To be honest, I was really hoping for a boy and a girl. A symmetrical family where Evy could have her sister and Levi a brother. Mark had no doubts that we were having one of each so he expected to be confirmed, not surprised. I had zero expectations. And I didn't know it at the time, but our friend Maggie took this embarrassing video as we cut the second side of the cake...

I'm a dork ("that's SO cool!") and I remember how my cheeks hurt in this video because my smile was so big. We were ecstatic. Of course more than anything we want healthy babies, but this felt too good to be true. I started dreaming of Evy and her sister being each other's maids-of-honors. I never had a sister so I was really jazzed for Evy. I've always been jealous (sorry brother Shawn) of girls with sisters. They seemed so close. And Levi would have a little buddy to rough around with. 

We did lots of mini gender reveals while we were visiting Minnesota. Everyone was excited and shocked that it worked out that way. Then we flew back home to NC and I went in for my anatomy ultrasound. 

Most important thing, the babies look great. All of their parts are in the right place. But as the nurse was checking out the bladders, she asked me "which twin are you referring to as 'she'?" I said "Twin B." Then she raised an eyebrow and looked up at the screen. 

"I'm sorry honey but I'm seeing two sets of jewels here. You're having two boys!" 

I didn't know what to say. I just laughed really hard. Mark couldn't come with because he had to take care of the other two, so I heard the news first. I couldn't believe it and I know the nurse could see my shock. "Are you ok? I mean I know that changes a lot, so it's ok if you're not ok." 

I was totally ok, but I'll admit it took some time to adjust. I got used to the idea of little "Cecelia" in our lives. It was weird somewhat mourning the loss of a girl we never actually had. I can't imagine what it's like for those parents that expect one gender throughout the last half of their pregnancy then find out the ultrasound was wrong when they deliver. That would be really, really weird. 

It wouldn't and didn't take long to adjust, but I know now, it feels like a major dynamic shift within the family when you think one way and it goes the other. 

We are obviously completely overjoyed with the truth. We'll have three boys and Evy will be the queen bee. Knowing Evy's personality, this family set up is just right. She'll have those boys in line within the first 6 months. 

We can't wait to watch it unfold. 

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