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A Yard


Since having kids, I've dreamed of having a backyard. I imagined kiddie pools and family soccer games, and of course, sprinklers. The first night in our new space did not disappoint. 

The kids want to be outside constantly now and I love that (but for the fact that I'm pregnant with twins and, as I've mentioned before, have to wear compression stockings 24/7 AND we're all freaked out about Zika). So yeah, other than the inferno legs and fear of infectious mosquitoes, I am so excited to be outside with the kids in our own space. Once fall comes around, I'll get my DEET on and spend every minute out there. 

I might even pitch in with the yard work rather than take pictures of Mark doing it all. You'll see below, we opted for a different kind of mower. As we were searching for a regular gas, push mower online, Mark found links to the Fiskars Reel Mower. This unconventional, kind of old-fashioned looking mower, received hundreds of rave reviews online and they swayed us. It's eco-friendly and there's no clean up. Mark said it's just a bit harder to push up hills than a gas mower, but overall very ergonomically comfortable. 

He was so excited when it came to our door. He got it out and started mowing right away. Grandpa Richard was here and raised a skeptical eyebrow at first but then admitted that you actually get a cleaner cut with a reel mower and it's better for the health of the grass. A gas mower will leave the tip of the grass brown because it tears rather than clips the blade, leaving the grass exposed to disease. A reel mower, like our new trusty Fiskars, will clip the blade with a clean cut and the clippings actually nourish the lawn. 

I think more than anything Mark relishes being that guy with the novelty lawnmower that all the neighbors wonder about. Maybe it will be a good conversation starter. Plus, a huge benefit was the low cost. Hopefully it won't be a hassle to sharpen, but we'll deal with that when the time comes. 

Honestly it looked like fun, and I could stand alongside Mark and talk to him without screaming at the top of my lungs. Consider this another positive review to add to the bunch. 

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