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Block Party

We love our church, Ekkelsia (eck-lay-see-ah). It congregates in Athens Drive High School and the leadership has no intentions of leaving the school for a building of their own. They look at the relationship with the high school as a way to love on the community and build up the families around it. One way they (I should say "we") do that is by throwing an annual block party for the community where we give out free school supplies, provide a BBQ dinner, and even show a kid-friendly movie in a big open field.

Mark brought some soccer goals which were a huge hit and he even played for a bit. If all of us could have lasted, he would have been there all night. It's so fun seeing him back on a field in his element. 

We attended this block party last year and it seems like the event doubled in size (at least!). There were so many families with multiple kids walking away ready for school. And I love how the leaders of our church don't make it a point to advertise who is hosting the event. They don't list Ekklesia on any of the banners or flyers.

We, as a church, are simply an extension of the school and community, all helping each other and hopefully building lasting relationships along the way. 

I love this picture of Evy. We were all pretty hot and exhausted from the heat and her sweet face captures that. 

But when I asked her to smile, she gave me her big Evy cheese, and this face expresses how we felt about the Block Party as a whole... 

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