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Summer Trip to Nevis, MN


I love that my kids are learning to cherish their summer trips to Grandma and Grandpa's cabin in Nevis, MN. I grew up going to my Aunt Donna's cabin in the nearby town of Park Rapids, MN. Her cabin is why I love summer and the rustic log walls hold my favorite memories of family. I resisted my parents purchase of their new cabin because I couldn't let go of the traditions we built on Big Sand Lake. I didn't think it'd be the same, but it has slowly taken over that spot in my heart. And I know my kids will grow to think of this place like I think of Aunt Donna's. They'll get nostalgic all winter long for lake water and loon calls. Boat rides and fishing trips. Walks up to town for ice cream at Muskie Waters. Donuts at Chops and Pops bakery. Muskie Days festivals with cousins. And time with people they love in one spot. 

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