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North Shore Babies Moon

Mark and I spent a week on the North Shore of Minnesota to celebrate all the changes coming our way. New house, new job, new babies. It was great taking time without the kiddos (thank you Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Jack!!) to connect with each other before we are thrown into our new reality. The twins won't come for a few months (we pray) but we move into our new house this Friday. And if you know me, you know I'm not the most organized mover in the world. I like the "ripping off like a band-aid method". It's going to be miserable and we'll wish we packed a box a day for a year in preparation, but in the end it will get done. If the band-aid method means we get to go to Minnesota, spend time with family and each other, and explore beautiful places like the North Shore, then I'm willing to live in misery for a week or so. 

Here are some pictures from our adventure together on the North Shore. Most of these are from the town of Grand Marais and near our resort, Bluefin Bay, in Tofte, MN. As I was comfortably wandering the cute streets of these places with my big belly and super fashionable compression stockings under my pants, I thought to myself how every pregnant woman should live in this part of the world in the summer months. I didn't want to leave, but I'm so thankful for the time we had. 

I also took a ton of pictures and videos from our hikes, but I only used my iphone for those shots. I might share a few of them but really, the pictures would never do it justice. These first ones are from my dream town of Grand Marais...

Look how proud Mark is of his new hiking hat...

We stayed in Bluefin Bay, a popular resort right on the North Shore about 25 minutes south of Grand Marais. It was absolutely gorgeous and everyone was so helpful. Mark and I both noticed that it must be known as a good place for baby-moons. I swear every other woman there was pregnant. With the amazing food and the Spa at Surfside, I can totally see why. If you go, try the artichoke, kale cheese dip at Bluefin Grill and the Primavera Pizza at Coho Cafe. We had them both twice. 

On our last day of vacation we headed back to Grand Marais after hiking Devil's Kettle, which is 25 minutes north of town. We both wanted a healthier, lighter meal after eating out all week so we stopped by the Co-op. I cannot resist a good co-op. I used to shop at one when I lived in Minneapolis and I miss the local feel of the people and food. We got the Turkey and Kale soup, which was amazing. I could have eaten the whole pot. 

After the co-op we heard some live music happening in town so we walked toward the harbor. It was the most beautiful scene and the first night of the annual Fisherman's Picnic festival. We couldn't have asked for a better end to our stay. On our way back to the car we noticed a bingo tournament near the beer tent. Even though I couldn't have a beer, we got in on the games...and lost. But still had tons of fun.

I can't wait to come here someday with the kiddos. It will probably be a long time until we can do it without going crazy, but as soon as we feel up to the challenge, we'll be back. 

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