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The Good Stuff

Whenever I start a blog post I always get hung up about something, especially on this blog because I put so many pictures on display.

I feel a bit phony when I only show the good stuff.

Once in a while I feel this obligation to post pictures of the bags under my eyes, my occasional grumpiness (Mark really bears the brunt of that in my pregnancies, poor guy), and Evy screaming because she can't get her Cinderella dress on without it bunching up in her underwear. 

But then I think about why I started this blog. It's a way for me to look back at life. After going through two labors, I understand and appreciate why our brains are selective in how we recall things. Yes, I remember how impossible those labors were, but overall I just remember the joy and knowing it was all worth it. 

So, even though life can be very, very (not enough veries (what's the plural there?) hard sometimes - like when I'm midway through walking up the stairs and I decide it would just be best to sit down for a while and catch my breath - I always come back to the joy. The blessing of hard work, an aching back, no sleep and crying babies is something I wanted more than I've ever wanted anything in this life. If I choose to feature the good stuff, there's good reason for it. 

Life is good. God is good. Even hosing down my child after he pooped for the 15th time in a day because of a stomach bug - IS GOOD. 

I have seen many friends and family go through terrible events in their lives. When my mind wanders to those things, it's hard not to have what I've heard called "evil forebodings". Preemptive worry about things that could happen in our future. These are hard to fight. And they seem all too real when someone close to you experiences the worst. But the best thing I can do, for me and my family, is to focus on the RIGHT NOW.

The joy in the present. 

So forgive me if I showcase the smiles and the unbearable cuteness of my children and wonderful husband (I'm biased of course). This is my happy place and I want to remember it in the best of light.  

Here are some shots of us playing in our driveway. I picked up a scooter and balance bike for the kids on Craigslist and they loved them. Neither of them knew what to do really, but they had a blast trying to figure out their new toys. And Evy found a fun plant in our backyard to wave around. If someone knows the name of this plant, please share! We are completely clueless about landscaping and learning as we go. 

Also, I made another short video of our yard play (below the pics). I'm having a lot of fun with making these lately...

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