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Durham Farmer's Market

Last weekend we checked out the Downtown Durham Farmer's Market. It was the perfect spot for a fun and relaxed Saturday morning. There's fresh produce and yummy baked goods, food trucks, and lots of play spaces for the kiddos. Plus, RISE Biscuits and Donuts (our favorite) opened a location right by Durham Central Park and the market. It would be a Schulte family sin to pass by a RISE without purchasing something. So knowing that donuts were coming, I made sure to buy lots of veggies and fruits to balance out our diets for the day. 

The kids played on this awesome playground and a big green space while I got a chance to shop. Perfect! 

I scored with some fresh garlic, peaches (of course!), watermelon, peppers, and grass-fed beef hot dogs. They don't look like the store bought hot dogs, which I thought would hold my kids back, but they loved them. And I feel a lot better about serving them!

On our way out, this lady stopped us to register us to vote. We hadn't done that yet since we moved, so it was perfect timing. She even held our watermelon and made sure Levi didn't run into the street. I am so impressed by these voter registration volunteers. It can be hot as blazes and they will still be out on the street, in no shade, asking people to register. Thank you to all of you and especially this kind lady below who never expected to have her picture taken. (If you are in my vicinity when a camera is around my neck, watch out!)

And a couple more of the kiddos just because...

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