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Snow, Princesses, and Suntans


In the New Year's resolutions I wrote out for 2017, one was to blog once a week. At this point I'm still in survival mode and words don't come easily (both in written and spoken form - I apologize if you try to have a conversation with me these days!). So, this post is a collection of images from the past week or two of things I'd like to remember. I had to post them tonight or that goal would already be shot.

Not pictured are Grandma and Grandpa Schulte that came in for another grandparent swap while my parents went on a cruise to the Bahamas to celebrate their 36th anniversary. It was Richard and ReJean's first time meeting the boys and seeing how life with twins works in our house. We loved having them here, and they even thought to bring along some Minnesota weather for the kids to play in. 

Evy and Levi had a ton of fun with neighbor friends in the snow. But I think the kid that had the most fun was Mark. He was on a mission to build indestructible snow balls that are still standing in our yard today even though it was in the mid 60s at the end of the week. 

We had a visit from the Hanish fam (cousins) a couple weekends ago. It was so much fun hanging out together and holding sleepy babies. I just love our house and the space it provides for this kind of stuff, especially when princess pictures like the ones below happen. 

Here are some pictures of our little Carter while he's fighting off jaundice by soaking up the sun. 

And here's one of Beckett mid-stretch. We wouldn't want to leave this cuteness out... 

I have so many ideas to write down here but there just doesn't ever seem to be time for it (duh have twins). Maybe one day...but for now I'll enjoy the babies in my arms and short rests instead of coherent sentences. 


3 Weeks Old