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3 Weeks Old

I attempted to do a mini photo shoot of Carter and Beckett to celebrate three weeks of being outside my belly (yay! I'm not pregnant anymore!). I had to capture their little wrinkly legs and tiny baby toes. They are so snuggleable - pictures just don't do these boys justice. 

Since it's past that super sleepy, photogenic, just home from the hospital stage, what I got was a lot of this....

But even their crying little man faces are still so stinkin' adorable. 

This one below is my best attempt at a shot of the both of them minus the crying. It's so interesting to me how different they are. Beckett is our Big Brutus weighing about a pound and a half more than Carter. And I melt whenever I see Carter's skinny limbs. They seem so much longer than Beckett's, but that's probably just because Carter's skinnier. 

Carter was the most opposed to the photo shoot idea. The shot below is the only one I got of him where he wasn't screaming (see second picture). 

Carter looks more like Evy and Levi did when they were this age. He has jaundice like they did with that yellow hue that we try to fight with suntanning sessions by a window. He also has the darker hair that both of my older kids had from the moment they arrived. 

Beckett seems like a totally different baby from the other three kiddos. He has lighter skin and hair, and he hasn't had a trace of jaundice. To me he looks like a mini-Mark more than the others did at the beginning. 

Beckett was surprisingly very compliant during the photo shoot. He's usually the more fussy one of the two, but on this day he was quite the ham. I'm sure if I tried again today, they'd switch roles. That seems to be the way things work with twins. If one is happy, the other one makes sure to keep us busy (especially at night, argh). 

It's hard to get that frustrated about the sleepless nights when you have these faces to look at...

Snow, Princesses, and Suntans