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Evy Turns 5

Evy Turns 5

I could dedicate enough words to fill a novel about this girl and she's only 5, but with how busy our lives are at the moment, these few will have to do. 

Our Evy Bear had a birthday about two weeks ago on November 21. She wore her flower girl dress for each celebration and basked in the special attention that she so rarely receives with all her brothers around. 

Her first celebration was with her Bear class at preschool. Miss Kathy, her teacher, does such a great job of making birthdays a big deal for each individual student. One activity Evy loved was teaching the class how to spell her "fancy name". At the beginning of the school year, Miss Kathy asked if she wanted to be called "Evy" or "Evelyn" and to my surprise she chose the formal name. 

It sounds kind of funny hearing all her little friends call her Evelyn, but I can tell she likes it and feels a bit more dignified, or dare I say "princessy" whenever she hears it. 

Here's a picture of Evy in her birthday crown with her teacher Miss Kathy. We can't say enough wonderful things about this woman and the work she does with her students. Evy shows up every day excited to give Miss Kathy a big bear hug. 

Here's Evy in all her flower girl dress glory. 

This is a picture of the book Evy's classmates created for her. They each made a page and drew something that they like about Evelyn. It made my heart melt when most of them said something like "I like Evelyn's kind heart." 

If I made a page, that's something I would include in my list of Evelyn likes too. She is such a thoughtful and kind person already and I am so proud of the way she looks out for others. 

Since we had family coming in for Thanksgiving, we didn't plan a big party for Evy. But two of her best friends live right across the street and they had a girl cousin in town, so we had them over for "girl stuff" as Levi called it. I love having neighbors close by who can provide a party at any given moment. 

In my dreams I would do so much more for our Evy, but I'm realizing as I get deeper into this whole parenting thing that less is often best. More than anything, they want time with us and I made sure to give her my undivided attention whenever I could. 

It's so hard to believe she's already five in some ways, and then it's also hard to believe she's JUST five in others. Sometimes she says things that come from a perspective far beyond the short time she's had to figure things out.

I love her so big, I never knew my heart could handle her until she came. She was my first baby that I got to meet this side of heaven and she's my only girl. 

My fancy flower girl, Evelyn Ruth. 

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