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Life Lately: Fall 2017

Life Lately: Fall 2017

I remember feeling really strange the first year out of college when I didn't live life according to a school calendar. I was suddenly an adult with responsibilities, and none of them ever ended or started with build ups or fuss. Life was a continuum and I missed the educational pattern that I was once so eager to escape.   

For how significant every start of school was as a student, I now see it's just as big of a deal for us parents. I might not be worried about making grades or if someone will sit by me despite my buck teeth and coke bottle glasses, but it's still a season of anticipation. Evy and Levi aren't even in elementary school yet but getting everything organized for their preschool classes and making sure I've checked all the boxes is an all-consuming job.

Did I send in an extra pair of underwear? Did I get the doctor to sign their medical forms? How is Evy going to handle going to school every morning of the week? How am I going to handle Evy going to school every morning of the week? 

Somehow it all gets done and thankfully the kids' teachers give me a lot of grace knowing I have twin boys to cart around. Some super cool moms always offer to help too. 

You'd think with how busy everything is, I'd take a break from things like planning events, scheduling bunches of photo shoots, or painting our dining room a slightly different color than what it was before.

You'd think that, but you'd be wrong. 

I recently figured out why I do this stuff to myself and my family, even in our busiest seasons. Mark did a leadership training course through his work and he had to figure out his Enneagram personality type as part of the class. I was curious so I took the test and read through the different numbers. I was such a skeptic until reading through my description. After every sentence I was like "yes, yes, yes and SO YES!"  

I'm an Enneagram 7, an enthusiast for pretty much everything. At any given point in time I am contemplating five completely different career paths to pursue while simultaneously researching foreign and domestic adoption options (because apparently we don't have enough kids) and planning a trip to the Pacific Northwest. I want to experience it all and it's sometimes impossible for me to choose. 

It's a problem. Contentedness is not easily achieved in my world. 

But even with the downsides to my ever-dreaming monkey mind, creating fun moments to look forward to is part of what sustains me through a monotonous season of diapers, feedings, and poops. 

Designing a life pattern of build ups and fuss - it's what I do. 

So here are some moments from our busy Fall season starting with a couple sets of ten month toes and lunchtime. 

My little Carter man found some light I couldn't resist (below). Both Beckett and Carter are standing on their own once in a while but no steps yet. I wonder sometimes if one of them would have walked by now if we promoted mobility more. With our first two we were always holding them by the hands and helping them practice. Not with these two. Twin mobility strikes fear in my heart. It's already hard to catch them when they am I going to chase down runners?!

Evy went on a field trip to a working farm with her class and it happened to be on Daddy's birthday. His work gives him "birthday time off" so he spent the morning with a very proud daughter. She couldn't have been more excited to get special Daddy time, and show him off to her friends. 

We bought Evy a Vtech Kiddie Zoom camera so she could go on picture walks with me. We don't get out as much as I thought we would, but the camera comes in handy for events like this field trip. I told her she had to document her day so she could show me everything I missed. I love the shots she got! Here are some from the bunch in a slideshow below. 

Not long after that school trip we had Grandma Jean for a visit. She is always willing to jump in and help so we got some yard work done during her stay. 

The boys eat SO MUCH already! I honestly think they would be content sitting in their high chairs eating continuously all day long. I am so amazed at how much their little bellies hold. The physiology of it astounds me. 

I always appreciate getting breaks from things like feedings and Grandmas seem to love eager eaters. Here is ReJean feeding our little bottomless pits. 

And I treasure the picture of her reading to Evy and Levi. She always comes with a pile of children's stories that she shares with the kids and reveals a new one each day of her stay. Evy calls her "Book Grandma" and I think ReJean, a PhD in Early Childhood Education, appreciates that nickname very much. 

Grandma Jean helped me prepare for our first annual PumpkinPalooza which we held in our garage due to the rainy and ridiculously cold weather (argh.). Neighbors brought a tent and some extra tables though so we made it work. We carved pumpkins and ate all things pumpkin and it was a dream come true. 

One day I imagine having food trucks and bands and maybe even a pumpkin 5K at PumpkinPalooza, but that's my 7 personality getting way ahead of me. This was a good start! 

After PumpkinPalooza it was Halloween and Evy and Levi dressed up as a ninja and a princess. We had fun meeting neighbors and watching the kids be brave about going up to say "Trick-or-Treat". They were little warriors this year and did our whole neighborhood loop. 

I bought little train conductor costumes for the twins and planned to make a train out of their stroller but then completely forgot about it and put them to bed instead. We were able to put them to bed and leave the house because Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Jack arrived that day! (HOORAY!)

They have been here visiting ever since and we are loving life. My mom has been an absolute warrior since she stepped foot in our home. She watches babies for me so I can be at school events and photo shoots, she already reupholstered our kitchen chairs, she and my dad give us date nights, the list goes on and on. I give my mom a lot of the glory but the whole reason they can be here for such a long stay is because my dad works incredibly hard to keep his consulting business going. He facilitates her helping and we can't thank him enough for that. I get some major breathing room and the kids get loads of playtime with two of their favorite people. 

We're all learning what an incredible blessing Grandparent visits are since we live so far away. Here are some shots of Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Jack with the twins and Evy (Levi was boycotting). 

That's a recap of a few of our activities. Life is busy but my 7 personality wouldn't have it any other way. 

Any other Enneagrammers out there? What's your number? 

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