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Thanksgiving and the Beach

Thanksgiving and the Beach

With sick kids and Mark gone in Brazil for work, I'm running a bit dry so I don't have many words to offer in this space. But thankfully my babies are napping, the big kids are at preschool, and Grandma Cindy is in town so I don't feel completely overwhelmed this morning and I got a chance to load some of our Thanksgiving pictures. (Honestly I should probably be taking a nap....I'll make this quick). 

Here are some shots from our Thanksgiving weekend. 

We had extended family from Minnesota come and stay with us which made the holiday extra special for me. It felt a bit like when I was growing up and celebrated with all my cousins around, except this time it was in MY HOUSE. Kind of surreal actually. It was one of those, "wow, I'm really a grown up" moments that I have often in my adult life.

My cousin Jayme's daughters, Little Haven and Avalynn, were so sweet and provided a ton of fun for our big kids. I think Evy mostly enjoyed having the girl to boy ratio evened out. 

Uncle Jim, Aunt Lynda, Jayme, Shawn, Haven, Avalynn, Jordan, Shawn (my brother), Mandy, my Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa Jerry, and my parents were in attendance in our Schulte abode. I sort of cheated on the whole "adult" thing by ordering all our Thanksgiving food from Whole Foods and avoiding the kitchen. The food was awesome and my mom and I didn't have to stress. Worth every penny (And I truly believe we would have spent more if we prepared all the food, so a great deal all around). 

Without being stuck in the kitchen all morning, I was able to be a part of the Vikings cheering squad. We have a lot of super fans in the family and everyone brought their Viking gear for the big game.

We won! And it made for a very happy day. 

The day after Thanksgiving, we all headed to the beach and Jenna Benna, Jimmy and Shelby met us there along with our Venne cousins who own a condo. 

Even though the water was FREEZING, my brother and sister-in-law lived up to their Minnesota roots and braved a southern style polar plunge (in wet suits but still). 

This beach rental will forever hold our 2017 family Thanksgiving memories. Survivor golf, soap or cheese, cousin forts, mafia (my new favorite game), beach walks, seafood nachos, personality typing, birkenstocks with socks, and mostly just time spent together. I cherished every moment and came home exhausted but filled with gratitude and so much love for my awesome family. 

The babies did OK on the trip. Both there and back they slept for an hour and a half, but then they woke up and screamed for another hour and a half. We decided we could endure the screaming if it meant we got an hour and a half of silence. 

Here are a couple shots from our rest stop (before the screaming commenced). I want to document how we made these stops work just so I remember all the rigmarole later in life - 

Drive in, get twins out, change the twins on the ground outside of the van, situate some bags on my lap so I can nurse TWO BABIES AT THE SAME TIME IN THE FRONT SEAT OF A MINI VAN, put the babies back into their carseats after burping, feed babies squeeze packs of food, Mark brings big kids to bathroom while I feed babies in car, get something from the vending machine for everyone, buckle everyone in again, 

Whew. Someday I'll wonder how we did it because I'll hopefully be getting normal amounts of sleep and won't be nourishing two humans from my body.

For now, we do our best to take it in stride and give thanks, on Thanksgiving and everyday, for the many blessings we've been given, including family members who are willing to visit and these two smiley faces below.  

Twins Turn One

Twins Turn One

Evy Turns 5

Evy Turns 5