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Pink Eye

"Mommy, it's my favorite color!" 

That's what Evy said in response to hearing her diagnosis. Ever the optimist that girl. 

Levi not so much.

But he did come around and the two of them had lots of fun finding spots to hide from me. Our new game is "Here I don't come!" I count to 10 while they hide and then they tell me where they're hiding. It's a really nice game when you're holding two babies and unable to move. 

Mark brought this bubble wrap home from work a while ago so we pulled it out as a running track. 

Endless fun right here (for adults too!). 

Evy and Levi are becoming such good friends these days. I wondered when and if it would happen, and even though they fight a lot, they love spending time together. 

Here the two pink eyed kiddos are playing a new learning game we bought off Amazon called "Cookies". An instagramming friend @the_saunders_schoolhouse recommended it and she owns a preschool so I consider her an expert. On a day when everybody was sick or trying to avoid getting sick, I considered it a parenting victory that I had them playing with something educational. Does it matter that most of the time they were trying to eat the game pieces? 

Here's Evy's drawing - "mommy, it's me with my red eyes!"


So all that above was two weekends ago. I thought the rest of us were in the clear. Turns out it was probably a viral form of pink eye and it ended up getting passed to the boys. Before we knew they had pink eye, I thought it was just some eye goop in the corner of Carter's eye. One of my favorite nursing activities is picking at my newborn baby boys. Does anyone else do this? My pediatrician said his wife had their children picked clean of wax, booger, and eye goop when they were tinies. He said it must be a mom thing - channeling our inner monkeys.

Thanks to mine, I must have transferred some of that goop into my own eyes. You can't tell how bad it is from the picture below (mostly because they're almost swollen shut) but I think I got the worst of it. I wake up in the middle of the night to nurse and I can't open my eyes for about 5 minutes while I wait for the goop to soften. It's gross and really uncomfortable, but it could be worse. 

Mark had a nice wake up call on Thursday when Evy woke him up saying, "Daddy I slobbered on myself." He didn't know what she meant at first then he turned on the lights and there was last night's dinner in her hair. Yuck. 

So yeah, we had a really fun, germ-filled week. I felt so bad for Mark's parents who came into visit while my parents were on vacation. Nothing says "enjoy your stay!" like vomit and pink eye! 

But they were troopers and offered tons of help and fun. The kids survived and everyone else seems to be healthy but for me. I've learned that's kind of how this mom thing works. We're the last soldiers on the battle field. 

Actually no, Mark and I agreed, the real soldiers are preschool teachers. Since they've been exposed to everything, if there is ever a zombie apocalypse, they will definitely be the last ones standing. 

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