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Babyfit: Forging Baby Fitness


A couple weeks ago I wrote about our "Baby Fitness Routine" which the boys do a few times per day. It's a way for us to interact with them and rack up those precious tummy time minutes that babies need (3-5 minutes about three times a day in the beginning, then gradually build up to more). It's also part of our Babywise eat-play-sleep schedule that helps the boys differentiate day from night (so we can rack up the sleeping minutes for mommy, daddy, and grandma). 

Not long after writing that Babywise post, we got these awesome onesies from Great Aunt Lauri, and we couldn't resist doing a little photoshoot of our Hanz and Franz in action. Feel free to follow this fitness program if you're a newborn and ready to strengthen your core muscles for optimal growing performance. 

Babyfit Workout or B3X

1. Wiggling around on back for max gas passing. Repeat until crying begins. 

2. Pull ups. Two rounds of four reps. 

No pain = no gain. 

3. Rolling over for tummy time. Max reps. 

4. Tummy Time.  

(Post time to comments.)

5. Leg pumps for more gas passing. Ten pumps per leg for three rounds. 

6. Practice standing. One rep.

7. End the workout with burnout session of tummy time. 

Do you know where the weight room is? 

*Consult your parent before performing any of the exercises above and remember to do lots of snuggles before, during, and after for maximum results. 

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