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Life Lately

The boys turned three months this week so I thought it was time for another photo shoot.

We started with onesies...

Then I couldn't resist getting them down to their diapers. Little baby man bodies are the absolute cutest. 

As you can see, they loved this...

Carter's like "dude, the faster you be quiet, the faster we're done with this nonsense...."

And finally one where they're both not crying! 

Carter Man

Beckett Man

If you are in search of a perfect gift for someone with twins, check out these name blankets from Woolf With Me - the coolest baby store ever HERE . I have to fight every nesting urge in my body to not buy everything on their site. Our friends Nic and Alli gave us these blankets and I try to have them wrapped around the boys whenever we go out. Everyone always asks "so, which is which?" Now I can just point to the blankets.

Love them! 

Before this hideous cold spell came into town, we were experiencing dreamy North Carolinian weather. On days when the sun is shining, it's around 75 and there's a slight breeze, we try to spend every minute outside. The older kids' favorite spot is our Eno hammock in the back yard. I got some pictures of Mark reading to Evy and Levi.

It's wonderful when you can feel like you're doing some awesome parenting while lounging in a hammock. 

More pictures of Mark being a super fun dad while simultaneously relaxing. 

The kids have fun in the hammock without daddy too. I am usually greeted in the backyard by a "BOO" that bursts from the hammock cocoon. 

The hammock is on our parenting "must haves" list now that we have a backyard to put it in.

I am always a bit hesitant to get in and completely relax though. Mark and I brought this hammock on a pre-twin camping trip and set it up, pretty high off the ground, between two trees. Mark assured me the strap was safely secured. Then after falling REALLY hard on a pile of rocks and hiking the rest of the way with a REALLY sore butt, I wondered how trustworthy my husband REALLY was...

I ended up gaining some advantage from this fall by using it to get more of the camping food and krispie kream pocket pies that we brought for dinner. That might be mean to use Mark's guilty sweetness against him, but I was hungry. And my butt hurt. Sorry not sorry Markers. 

Below is a picture of the boys watching the Minnesota Gophers play Middle Tennessee in the first round of the NCAA tournament. Mark's hand is on the remote because Minnesota (our team) made a pathetic show of it and Mark was more interested in the Champion's League match anyway. 

I couldn't resist a shot of all the boys hanging out. 

That tie around Mark's neck is from the Daddy Day celebration at Evy and Levi's preschool. They had "Donuts with Daddy" two days in a row. They sure picked the right event for this Daddy. Donuts rule in our household. Here's a Garfield comic strip that Grandma ReJean sent us in the mail. It couldn't be more fitting for our family. Imagine Jon Arbuckle as Mark and the kids (and ok, me too) as Garfield...

Here are some shots of the kids eating donuts from our favorite shop - Rise Biscuits and Donuts. Levi had a Lucky Charms donut in honor of St. Patty's Day and Evy had her typical "something with pink on it". I am highly anticipating that creme brulee one (bottom left). Yum. 

Another morning tradition nowadays (other than donuts) is my decent down the stairs with two babies in tow. Actually I do this all day long and I kind of feel like an Olympic gymnast when I land safely at the bottom with both of them.

So there you have it Grandma Bonnie (who requested this update on our lives). We are loving lots and sleeping little. 

Very thankful for these days with tiny ones. 

9 Years

A Shared Experience