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My Motherhood Tree

We have a tree in our yard that we thought was dead. Since moving into our house, the branches have shown no signs of life so we checked into having, what seemed to be an eye sore, removed from our land. Then about two weeks ago little buds started popping, green and pink flowers bloomed, and now it's filling our entire backyard with a vibrancy we didn't know existed here.

Today I decided this is my "motherhood tree".

During the days of constant crying, wiping, and feeding, I sometimes start to think the unique things that make me me, are dead. All those activities that bring me joy as an individual are seemingly ready to be chopped off from my life. But moms that have been here before have told me, this is just a season. The sacrifice of my time is necessary to strengthen the roots of our family. I try hard to rest in that, to have peace in the dormancy of the "me stuff".

And maybe one day my branches will bloom again and I'll fill not only my life, but also my family's, with a beauty we didn't know existed here. I pray all you other mamas in your "dormant" (and incredibly exhausting!) seasons of raising babies hold on to that hope too. 

Here are some images of us in the backyard enjoying these days in bloom...

And one of Levi inside because I love his sweet face here...

Mommy Training

9 Years