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After we got the go-ahead from our pediatrician, we started the boys on solid foods yesterday.

This experience brought me back to when I started feeding Evy, our first child, baby food. I was so nervous and I wrote a little post about it on my old blog. It's so fun seeing how different my frame of mind was then as opposed to now that I have four. Honestly, I will probably not make my own baby food this round. I'm totally fine with buying jars to avoid the hassle. But I do have the same idea about what matters most when it comes to this whole parenting thing. 

Anyway, I wanted to remember that first time so I included my old post below and a picture of our six-month-old Evy with a sweet potato face...

Homemade Baby Food

I was so intimidated by the idea of making my own baby food. I’m not really sure why. I think it’s because of all the books written on the subject and the special baby food makers they sell in stores. It seemed like homemade baby food demanded more skill than simple cooking basics.

It doesn’t.

Just cook the food and mush it up.

It’s really that easy.

Honestly I’m kind of disappointed it’s not harder to do. I thought I’d be in the elusive DIY mom category and go around sharing my latest apricot plum puree, split pea avocado mush or sweet potato carrot mash recipe.

Even talking about making my own baby food seems silly knowing the steps are simply  — 1. cook food 2. mush it up 3. serve to baby

Heck, you might as well buy it in a jar for 50 cents a pop.

I’m still going to make it even if it is easy, because I do think it’s cheaper in the end, but to think I assumed it would be difficult just makes me laugh now.

I kind of relate the whole making baby food intimidation to how I thought of motherhood in general. The thought of caring for an infant made me nervous, and to be honest, a bit fearful.

Would I catch on? Would the motherly instinct kick in? Would Evy be stuck with a bumbling, anxious, hot-mess of a mother who couldn’t figure out the technicalities of child rearing? Does a connection with your infant require an intricate recipe of peculiar ingredients that is only understood by an elite few?

It doesn’t.

Just have the baby and give her love.

It’s really that easy.

Yes, sometimes the recipe changes and adaptations are necessary, but the love is simple (and often very mushy).

Reading back on that, I'm not sure I would ever use the term "easy" in regards to child-rearing. I guess I was still in a first child honeymoon phase (even though Evy was an incredibly fussy baby!).

But I would say that the love comes easy, and that's really what matters most. 

The picture at the top of this post is of some special gifts our kids were given with lots of love. They are custom engraved baby utensils that come from our Aunt Rita and Uncle John who have a tradition of gifting these thoughtful treasures to new members of the family. They happen to have twin boy grandsons too, so another wonderful gift that they send our way is hand-me-down clothing. Our boys are always looking super stylish thanks to Patrick and Everett (pictured below with John, Rita, and one of their older sisters, Charlotte). I'm looking forward to the cute shirts below! 

We love thinking of our kids' great aunt and uncle while we attempt to feed them and I hope one day we can pass them on to our kids as an heirloom. 

And finally, here are some pictures of our first spoonfuls for the twins. Grandma Cindy was here to help and I think we all agreed that the twins took the food like champs. Thankfully all our kids seem to be healthy eaters. 


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