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We've had lots of visitors since the twins arrived and I wanted to make sure and remember as many visits as I could on this blog. I haven't documented all the people that have passed through our doors, probably because I wanted to be as present as possible, or the weather was crummy (bad light), or I was just really tired (most likely). So, I apologize if you've been here and you're not included below. That's just another reason to come back though! 

Anyway, here are some of the people that have come into our mayhem and held babies...

Back in early April we had little Oliver stay for the weekend along with his Grandma (my aunt/cousin Tammie) and his mom (my cousin Jessica). I guess Oliver didn't sleep a wink on the late Friday night flight, but he was ready for Soccer Saturday the next morning. They could only stay until Monday but we loved every moment we had with the three of them. 

These next shots are of Aunt Michelle (Mark's sister) and Uncle Dave (Mark's brother-in-law). I regret my lack of picture taking during their visit. It was the only weekend when the weather was really dreary and good light is often what inspires me to pick up my nice camera. But another reason I didn't capture much was because these two encouraged me to get some "me time". I'd feed the babies then run off for a quick workout, or shower, or nap and I totally trusted these two to take over, even when the twins were only three months and fuss-faces.

They cooked for us (see Michelle in the kitchen below) and did kid yoga with us (see Dave stretching) and gave us lots of love and reassurance. We really REALLY hope they travel back. I need more pictures! 

At least I know I'll get some during our visit to Minnesota this summer.  

I've already shared photos from the visits below. My Grandma Glady came with Grandpa Gordon and uncle Greg and I talked about that HERE. Then for Easter we had my dad's side come down, and I shared those images HERE

Not too long after Easter we had my cousins DJ and Monica and their family stay with us while they looked for their own home in the Raleigh area. I shared a bit about their visit HERE. Then their parents, Doug and Nancy (pictured below - I think second cousins?), came for their own real estate search. We're so happy we'll be seeing more of these people soon because they've all sold their homes in Chicago for a big migration to Clayton, NC! 

Next we had Curt and Vicki, my cousins who live in Charlotte, NC, drive out for a night. They were so sweet with our kids and Vicki jumped right into baby care. She's a nurse and a total natural at the baby thing. And Curt's biceps turned out to be really nice headrests for the boys. 

After Curt and Vicki visited, my parents packed up and left for the summer. They live in Northern Minnesota on a beautiful lake that we'll get to visit in late July (woohooo!). It was so hard to say goodbye, especially for me, but we knew we'd be seeing them soon through Facetime and during our trip. Still, goodbyes are always tough, even with all the practice we've had lately! 

What made that goodbye a bit easier was that Mark's parents came into town the very next day. We did another grandparent swap and Richard and ReJean picked up where my parents left off. They are such helpers and we all loved the few weeks they were here. 

Throughout all these family visits, we always end up seeing lots of our neighbors. Here are some of the regular crew below.

And through the wonder of social media, we reconnected with this lady below, Hannah. She is the sister of a boy that Mark coached a few years ago. Hannah babysat our older two when Levi was just a baby, and she has a true gift with kids. We can't believe she heads off to college next Fall where we're 100% positive she'll end up majoring in something to do with children.

We were so happy to see her again and hope for more visits soon.

Another young woman in our lives just arrived on the scene. Cousin Lulu (a.k.a. Lauren) is staying with us for three whole weeks and we are feeling so blessed by her serving heart. She came in telling me "I love to cook and come up with meals" and just hearing those words was like receiving a massage for my soul (thanks for that analogy Brooke ;-). She even made a delicious chocolate pie for us AND she loves sweets as much as I do so we've been on a bit of a dessert binge. 

I guess I should admit here that the real reason I invite people into our home is so I have an excuse to eat desserts. You can't feel guilty when you say "Well, Lulu's here so we HAVE to eat donuts for breakfast and pie for lunch when Lulu's here." Obviously, it would be rude not to. 

The last group I'll feature here is the Hanish clan (minus Tyson, the dad). They are some of my kids' favorite people and I'm asked almost daily, "when can we invite Lyles and Tyce over??" We just had a visit from them this last weekend so I caught some pictures of the driveway fun.

Levi is a big fan of sporty Tyce. One of my favorite memories is when Tyce had been walking around without a shirt on after he played basketball. Levi was really young and couldn't say much, but when we got home he motioned for us to take off his shirt. Then he proudly pointed to himself and said "like Tyce". 

He was so excited to play some basketball against Tyce this time. And thankfully Tyce let him get a basket once in a while. 

So many faces and so much love. I definitely didn't document it all, but I'm glad I captured what I could. We love looking back on all the fun this house has provided in this first year of living here. 

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