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The Twinsies

The Twinsies

I keep running into twin moms who tell me that they completely forgot everything that happened during the first year. Since I literally can't remember what I wore yesterday, or what I had for breakfast, or the birthdays of my children, I'm pretty sure I'll be in that group of moms too.

I really, really don't want to forget this stage though. The twins are coming into their own little personalities and smiling so much. Beckett is on the move with Carter getting closer to crawling every day. Carter has four teeth while Beckett has two. They are eating their mushed up fruits and veggies like champs. 

And those blue eyes. I just can't get enough of them. Our doctor warned us that one of his patient's eyes turned from blue to brown when he was 18 months, so we're trying not to get too attached. 

Just in case they disappear one day, I thought I'd do a little photo shoot showcasing the baby blues. And the six month cuteness we've got going on.

I know some grandmas who are going to appreciate these pictures. 

In my last post I promised an update on the sleeping schedules. We pushed the eat-play-sleep routine from Babywise, but we ended up rocking at least one of them to sleep for each of the naps in the day and then again at nighttime. 

I was SO done. I was getting beyond frustrated with these handsome devils so we decided enough was enough. Our doctor gave us the go-ahead to cry it out at around six months so that's what we did. I honestly thought Carter would cry for the 2.5 hour limit we were giving him, but he passed out after 20 minutes of screaming (which felt like an eternity!). 

Aghhhh, REALLY Carter?? How did we not do that forever ago? Life has been so much better now that we let them cry a bit. They normally go down without a fight these days, unless they're overtired. As many parents know, overtired is the worst state a kid can be in. Babies are no exception, especially these two. 

Here are some pictures of our NOT overtired boys playing around with daddy. 

One of their first wrestling matches. 

A first of many attempts to escape mommy's constant photo shoots. 

I asked Mark to get some shots of me with the boys. I need to make this happen more often. Most of the time I look at my tired eyes in the mirror and avoid the other side of the camera at all costs. I know I'll regret that someday. So, here's a small attempt at rectifying that habit. 

We couldn't imagine life without our "twinsies" as Evy and Levi call them. And I hope posts like this help bring back some memories from this special time.

*** For anyone interested, all images were taken with my Canon 5D Mark III and (my favorite) Sigma Art 35mm Lens. 

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