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Part I: Shawn and Mandy's Wedding

Part I: Shawn and Mandy's Wedding

Right when we learned we were having twins, Mark and I made a pact. No big trips the first year. Having four kids four and under was enough. Actually removing them from the house all at once? No thank you. 

Then we remembered the date was set. My brother's wedding was happening in Northern Minnesota when the twins would be 8-months. Any other event. ANY other, and we would have passed. You could have offered us an all-inclusive trip to an island full of super nannies ready to take care of our babies while we got massage treatments all day, and we still would have passed. The idea of enduring a flight with our crew seemed unthinkable. I know there are those people out there who travel to Disneyworld with their ten kids (bunch of nuts you are!). We're not those people. 

But this. This was a moment we wouldn't think of missing. Mandy has been a part of our family for a long time now and we wanted to see her become official. Plus, she asked me to be a bridesmaid and Evy to be her flower girl.

Like we would ever miss that. 

We're pretty much totally in love with my new sister-in-law and our kids' new auntie. Oh yeah, and we love my brother, Uncle Shawny, a lot too. 

I mostly tried to enjoy the moment and leave my camera behind since they hired an awesome photographer (Tim Larsen Photography) for the big day. My next post will be some of Tim's photos of the main event. 

But I did manage to get some of the rehearsal night and the morning of the wedding. It was at Breezy Point Resort on Gull Lake in Pequot Lakes, MN. The weather was absolutely perfect throughout the whole weekend. 

Here are the older kiddos with the ring bearer, Mandy's nephew, drinking some kiddie cocktails at the rehearsal dinner. My mom and dad gave a sweet (and hilarious) speech about Shawn and Mandy and how excited we've all been for this long-awaited weekend. 

Mark was super dad (again!). He stayed back with the twins at the cabin my parent's rented so I could bring the older two to the rehearsal dinner. When I went back to help feed the babies, I found him sitting on the deck with a very awake Carter. We knew Carter would not be one to adapt to a new sleeping location so easily. At least he's smiley though! 

Not a cloud in the sky on wedding morning. This was the view from Mandy's mom and dad's cabin where all the girls got ready. 

Mandy gave Evy a special flower girl headband to wear. It's now been over three weeks since the wedding happened and she has worn it almost every day since. She came to me crying yesterday because two of the beads broke off. I honestly can't believe they lasted that long. 

Below are some of the stars of the show - Mandy, Evy, and Caleb (the ring bearer). I think that was the longest morning ever according to Evy. She'd come up to me every 5 minutes or so and ask "is the wedding NOW?" I'd say no and then she'd stomp off and throw up her arms saying "AUGH, this is taking SOOOO long!" 

Caleb did his best to make the wait easier on Evy. He watched barbie shows and brought her snacks and treated her like a little princess. Caleb made quite the impression. I get asked almost daily, "When can Caleb visit us?"

One Evy memory I want to document is what she did when she finally got to put on her flower girl dress. Evy is a huge (understatement) fan of Cinderella. As a mom who thought I'd fight the whole princess culture, I feel completely defeated by Disney. I gave up long ago and now I can't begin to count how many times we've watched every. single. version. (I have to admit that my favorite movie is the live action version so good). 

Anyway, on that wedding morning, my mom immediately identified what Evy was doing. She'd randomly look down at her shoes, then swoop her arms up and twirl around as if she was being transformed by the fairy god mother.

giphy (3).gif

It was adorable and even I had to tell her that she looked like a princess in those moments. Shawn and Mandy gave her such a special gift by asking her to fill this role. I'll never forget being the flower girl at my aunt Lynda and uncle Jim's wedding when I was Evy's age, and I love that Evy will have this memory forever.  

After hundreds of Evy/CInderella twirls, her footmen (the boys) made an appearance. Mandy begged for them to stop in so they agreed (but only because it was Mandy). I'm pretty sure she would have held them throughout the ceremony if she could have.  

So that's the lead up. Next you'll see Part 2 - the main event.

Once again I'm so thankful for photographs and this blog so we can remember these special moments! 

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