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Levi Turns 3

Levi Turns 3


This past week, our little man turned three. I can't believe a year has gone by since I wrote THIS POST about him turning two!! 

I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday, and he looked at me with his big brown eyes and said, "I want to play monster trucks with you." So this mama was jamming all the Grave Diggers and El Toro Locos she could that morning. He and I have some special times these days while big sister is at preschool and the twin boys take their morning naps. Levi is my sporty, monster truck loving guy, so the hour usually goes something like this - shoot some hoops, throw the football, pass the volleyball, hit tennis balls, kick soccer balls, crash the trucks together, and read books (about trucks and sports). 

I am a sport loving mama so this routine suits me just fine. I don't mind the truck stuff if I can be outside and shoot a basketball. Plus, I've heard that boys are more likely to open up and have conversations while doing something active. Hopefully I'll be shooting baskets with my son throughout his adolescence and even adulthood. Maybe he'll tell me what's happening in his head or maybe not, but at least we'll be together.  

Here are a couple shots of Levi shooting El Toro Loco down from the hoop. 

After our birthday morning Olympics, we picked up big sis who was definitely more excited than Levi about his birthday. Every 5 minutes she'd ask, "Is it present time? Is it present time yet?"

Ummm, you know these are Levi's presents, right Ev?

Last year I planned a big birthday party for Levi at the local park. It had a soccer theme and Mark coached a little class for the kids. I was super pregnant and trying to act like I wasn't. I've since realized that planning big parties, while raising small kids, is not for me. I loved seeing all our friends, and I'm sure we'll have parties in the future. I should say, I'm sure we'll socialize again in the future. 

This year I decided a smaller celebration would be just right. 

We ordered pizza for dinner and ate cupcakes with our neighbors. Also, I couldn't resist buying a mini pinata from Target. Levi loves to hit things so I thought he'd be excited. Surprisingly though he wanted nothing to do with it so big sister was in charge of busting it open.

When I first brought out the pinata the neighbor kids were over. We asked if they wanted a turn and Caleb, our six year old neighbor said "Wait a second, I have to go get some bags." He ran home and returned with three plastic grocery bags, ready to rake in the loads of candy sure to come flying out of the "mini" pinata. 

Boy was he disappointed. I completely forgot about the filling so I literally put three pieces of hard taffy that I found from last year's Halloween stash and an old Dollar Store slinky inside. I don't think the candies were even edible.

We were impressed by his preparation though. Poor guy. 

All in all, I think Levi had a smashing day, and I'm sure I'll be here writing "Levi Turns 4" before I know it. So here's a note to myself to cherish those monster truck, sport-filled mornings with my little man.

Every shot, pass, touchdown, set, ace, and crash is a gift. 

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